I have a leadership team, but we need help!

There are many ministry organizations possessing leadership teams, but these teams are not maximizing their potential.  What can be done to get the best from each member of the team?  What can be done to insure the team is training others to take their place once they make the decision to move on?

This phase of working with a team is difficult because each of your team members are at a different place in their faith journey and, in the beginning, may not know what is expected of them as an individual or from the team as a whole.  Knowing your “why” is essential to help each member know their purpose and the goals the team is seeking to achieve.

As the leader of the team, do you have a clear goal or goals for the team?  Are you taking the time to meet with each member of the team, and the team as a whole on a regular basis? Clear and concise communication is essential to the efficiency of the team and the achievement of your goals.

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