Building a Leadership Team from Scratch

As you are beginning this process, I highly recommend getting a notebook, binder, or app to keep track of your ideas, thoughts, and lists.  This process takes time.  One of the best things that worked for me is the app “Evernote”.  I like it because it will sync over two devices (in the free version) and over more if you pay the annual subscription.  I have found it is a very handy app to have and utilize.

Here are some ideas and resources for building a leadership team:

As you are going through the questions below, WRITE down the answers

  • Start with “Why do I need a leadership team?”
  • What is your “why”?
  • Questions to ask after you determine your “why”.
    • Do I have access to people to form a team?
    • What resources do I have access to (e.g.: funding, space, time, marketing, etc…)?
    • How much time do I have, can I dedicate, to building the infrastructure necessary to build and support my team?

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