The Gospel this past weekend reminds me of the importance of taking the time to go and find a place where I am able to spend time alone with God. Jesus left early in the morning and went off to a deserted place to pray (Mk 1:35). Jesus shows us the example of taking the time from something very important, getting enough rest, for something more important, deepening His relationship with His Father. We must follow His example and be mindful in setting aside some time each day to be alone with the Lord. Relationships are deepened by spending time with the ones we love. We must take the time to speak to them, but we must also listen to them. It is no different in deepening our relationship with our God. We must take time away from the electronics, family, friends, and anything else to make a conscience effort to listen to our Lord speaking to us in the silence of our hearts. If necessary, follow the example of Jesus and go into a secluded place. I have a specific place in the house where I know I will not be distracted and my time with the Lord is early in the morning before anyone else in the house is awake. Find the place and the time that works best for you and this time with the Lord will bear fruit. As with all things, it takes time for the fruit to grow and develop, but when it is ripe, the reward is beyond measure.

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