There are many products on the market today that promise comfort for us as consumers. We can get comfort soles for our shoes, a mattress that promisese a comfortable night’s sleep, shirts to be the most comfortable shirt you have ever worn, products that will comfort our insides, and even toilet paper to comfort our bottoms. I find it interesting that all of these products promise comfort for the body, but there is a great lack of advertising for comfort for things other than the physical. If we are not able to bring comfort to our mind and spirit, then the body will never be comfortable. Each individual must seek the Giver of all comfort as is promised by the Prophet Isaiah. True comfort can only be found when the mind seeks the Lord and finds rest in Him. In this season of rushing around in your comfort soles and cozy jacket, remember the true reason for the season. Comfort is not found in the things we pull off the shelves or out of the stores. True comfort is found in God alone. When we find our place with our Lord and our minds and spirits are at rest in Him, then our bodies will truly rest in a comfort that cannot be found on this planet. May each of you seek the Lord in this time of preparation for the arrival of the Christ-child and may you rest with Him in the stable of His birth.

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