Produce good fruit

The sentence that strikes me in the readings for this Sunday is the last sentence of the Gospel, “…the KIngdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its friut.” (Mt 21:43) Whether we realize it or not, the Kingdom of God has been turned over to each of us to produce this fruit. Jesus uses parables to help his followers learn the truths of the message He is sharing. But what does it mean to produce good fruit. Basically, from a biological perspective, it is to spread the seeds so the plant can continue to spread across the landscape. We produce good fruit by fulfilling what Jesus called the “greatest commandment”, to love the Lord our God and love our neighbor as ourselves. This means we take care of ourselves by growing in our relationship with the Lord through prayer and love our neighbors by selflessly giving of ourselves. This can take form in many ways. If you are not sure what this means for you, speak to the ones you love and ask them how you can better love your neighbor. We are responsible for the Kingdom of God, if that in itself does not encourage us to do better, then I am not sure what will. Pray and love and you can help the Kingdom of God to grow and then when the owner returns, He will welcome you with open arms and tell you, “Thank you my good and faithful servant, come and share in my joy.”

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