Mercy and Justice

Mercy is a difficult concept to get our head around at times. It seems to us that when someone wrongs us in some capacity, we feel they need to suffer in the same amount for the suffering they caused. When we are wronged, we hope they will feel our pain by going through something similar. The more severe the wrong done to us, the more we hope the other person(s) will undergo some hardship of their own. The Lord calls us to endure through the suffering and to pray for those who have wronged us. We are called to have mercy and hope they will come to understand the wrong they have done and repent for it. We must also pray that justice will be done. Justice must be tempered with mercy because the wrong done to another may be the result of circumstances happening in life and all circumstances must be examined before making a judgement. I believe that we are capable of forgiving another person and showing them mercy for the wrong they have done, but we must also remember to love as the Father loves, without condition. In loving another, we must have mercy for the wrongs done to us, but we must also, if necessary, remember not to judge the other for their actions. Judgement is left to the Father and He determines the ultimate end for us all. As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a difficult topic and we must take the time to think and pray for those in our society who are called to make decisions affecting the lives of others on a daily basis, especially those in law enforcement and the judicial system. May the Lord inspire them to make clear decisions when attempting to balance mercy and justice.

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