Slow down

As things slowly return to some resemblence of “normal”, I find myself beginning to return to my old pattern of moving quickly from one task to another. I need to remember the lesson from the past months of taking time for myself and my family. To slow down and enjoy the small things in life. My wife and idea took some time this past weekend to go on a hike at Caprock Canyon State Park. It was a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of nature and be reminded of the wonders of creation and all that God has placed in the world for our enjoyment. I need to remember to slow down and see the beauty in daily life, stop and enjoy the wonder of a tree or flower, spend a little more time with the dogs, and take a break from sitting at the desk and reach out to someone I have not spoken to in a while. I believe one lesson we should take from these past several months is the importance of close observation of things around us and enjoying the wonders the Lord has placed in our lives. We don’t know how long we will be around to enjoy them. Take some time today and slow down and enjoy the beauty in the world around you.

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