Forgive and forget?

The Gospel today reminds us we are called to forgive those who have wronged us, but it does not say anything about fogetting what was done to us. We are instructed to forgive, not once but multiple times the offenses committed against us, but where does it tell us to forget about it. I believe we can refer back to the statement of Jesus when he tells us to “Be holy as your Father is holy”. For me, this means I must love everyone around me, especially those who have hurt me in some way. I have a very hard time forgetting an offense against me, but I must not dwell on the offence. If I do, then it grows and festers, like an infection in my mind. As I hold on to this, I can never allow the relationship to heal between myself and the other. I must forget the offense and move on with my life while working to heal the relationship. If the other person has no desire to work with me to heal the relationship, then I must allow the other person to move on with their life as I move on with mine. I can still pray for them and hope they will be open to the grace of God working in thier life. Forgiving another person is a difficult thing to do, and forgetting the offense is even harder. With the grace of the Lord, we can do it and deepen our relationship with those around us and therefore become more like our Father.

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