Peter & Paul

Today we celebrate two of the men in the history of our Church who gave their lives to spreading the name of Jesus Christ. They were men who left the lives they knew to go out and give everything to share the Good News brought to them by Jesus. They are great examples for each of us because even though their lives ended at the hands of others, their beginnings were very different. Peter was a humble fisherman seeking to earn a living for his family. Paul was a teacher and an educated man seeking the Kingdom of God. One man brought them together, something that most likely would not have happened if Jesus has not entered their lives. Our Lord set them on a new path, one of sacrifice and charity which would end in the giving of their lives to the name of Jesus.

These men provide us a great example because they show us, no matter what our beginnings are, we can lay that down at the feet of our Lord and follow Him. He will accept us no matter what we have done or what type of life we have lived. All we must do is commit to follow His teachings and we will know the glory He has promised. Each day, we must make the decision to live the life Jesus calls us to live, no matter the cost. He calls us to live a life of love and forgiveness. This can be very difficult in this day and age, but it can be done. Take some time each day to pray for the strength and courage to be the example of Jesus’ love to another person. As we share the light of Jesus with another, our light will not be diminished, but strengthened and will spread to others. Remember Jesus walks with us each step of the way.

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