1 = 3

Today the Church celebrates one of the greatest mysteries, one God in three Persons – the Most Holy Trinity. How can anyone get their brain around what this means? Well, it has been a mystery for millenia and there have been many books written on the subject. One of the greatest theologians, St. Augustine, spent many years pondering the mystery and, according to legend (which I greatly shorten here) discovered it would be easier to fill a hole on the beach with the ocean than it would be to understand the Trinity.

We, as children of God must seek the unity found in God. We are a trinity in ourselves: mind, body, and spirit. We must seek to achieve a unity of the three in order to become more like God. Christ tells us we “must be holy as the Father is holy”. For me, this means we must seek a unity of self and bring each divided part of ourselves into unity with the other. We must look to the Lord for the example of how to live (spirit). We must spend time in prayer, reflecting on what we see and the grace we receive from the Lord (mind). Finally, we must put into action the prompting from our reflecting (body). Once we succeed in this endeavour, then we are on the road to becoming holy. The achieving of holiness is not a one-time accomplishment, it is a process. Each moment of each day is a journey in the process and the ultimate goal is to achieve sainthood, unity with our God in heaven. We must continually remind ourselves the difference between a sinner and a saint is that the saint gets back up after they fall down. Seek unity in the body to achieve unity with God in heaven. God bless.

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