They Doubted

The Gospel reading today from Matthew has always made me think about my relationship with the Lord. It tells us the disciples, ones who spent a lot of time with Jesus, doubted. They spent time talking, working, and ministering with our Lord, yet when they saw Him after He had risen from the dead, they still doubted.

In many ways this gives me hope. There are many times, especially in the past couple of years, that I have been filled with doubt. I think back on this passage and remember even those who knew the Lord best during His time on earth doubted. In a way, it gives me permission to doubt. In the doubt, I know the Lord will continue to walk with me and help me get through this time to something much better than before. Life has a way of taking away hope and beating us down until we don’t think we can take any more. Jesus is always with us and knows what it is to be beaten down and rejected. He has experienced everything we go through and He now possess the glory we too shall one day when we are welcomed into His loving arms.

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