Work of our Hands

Psalm 90 is a wonderful prayer praising the glory and power of the Lord.  One line deeply struck me as I was reading it this morning during Morning Prayer, “…give success to the work of our hands.”  The reason it struck me is because it reminded me of the power found in our hands.  We have the capacity to create new and fascinating wonders, the power to tear down and destroy, and the power to show compassion and love; all in the movements and gestures of our hands.

This prayer reminds us the power of our hands is given from the Lord Himself.  As we read Genesis, the Lord used His hands to create all things.  Following, since we are made in His image and likeness, we possess the same capacity He does.  We pray in the psalm for Him to give us success in what we do with our hands, but it does not specify what that action is.  As we continue to work, play, and love those around us, let us use the power of our hands to build and create things which will bring joy to those we encounter and also those we may never see and know.  Remember the power of our hands can last for centuries and have an impact we may never know.  God bless the work of our hands.

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