Life Renewed

One of my favorite things about the Easter Vigil is the reading of salvation history.  The seven readings from the Old Testament are a reminder of the many times humanity was saved by God.  As we know, the ultimate victory was the triumph of Jesus over death by His Resurrection from the dead.  Jesus chose to take on the fullness of humanity and subject Himself to all the trials we experience.  The difference is that He never gave into temptation and sinned.  He ALWAYS sought the will of His Father and gave Himself for our sake, even suffering death on a cross.

In this joyous season, we are reminded of the example of Jesus and we know the victory is ours to share, if we seek the will of the Father and do not give in to the temptations we face each day.  God so loved the world that He gave His only Son for our sake.  We must not reject that gift, we must embrace it and love the Lord and each other in all we do.  Take some time and celebrate this victory and embrace the will of the Father.  It is the best thing we can do each moment of our life. Happy Easter!

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