Sorrowful Love

Sunday’s Gospel reading from John tells us the story of the raising of Lazarus.  The heartache and pain from his death can be felt by all those who have experienced the death of a loved one.  Martha and Mary feel the deepest sorrow by the death of their brother.  Even in their sorry, they each look to Jesus as a source of strength and comfort.

During these uncertain times, there is the need to look to Christ to see us through.  I pray no one experiences the death of a loved one due to an unforeseen circumstance, but even then, it is a difficult thing to go through.  In this, as in all things, we rely on those around us and on our Faith in the Lord.  Having experienced the death of a parent and a brother, I know the profound effect it can have on a person’s life.  I know the Lord has provided me the strength to not only make it through the difficult times, but has granted me the wisdom to grow from the experiences and move into a deeper relationship with Him.

The experience of sorrow allows us to make one of two choices; to allow others into our lives and help us to grow in a deeper relationship with them, or to shut down and close ourselves off from everyone and everything.  My prayer is to allow ourselves to open our hearts and minds and see the Lord working in all things and allow those around us to love us in our sorrow as much as we allow them to in joy.

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