Children of Light

St. Paul has a great reminder for us today, “Live as children of light…”  In these trying times, the followers of Christ as called to step outside of themselves and be an example of strength and love.  Living in the light will expose all darkness and allow others to see the truth we proclaim, through our words and our actions.

As we live in this time when world leaders and Bishops are asking us to sacrifice many things, including gathering as a community to worship and celebrate Sacraments. We need to live our life in the light and lift each other up through our daily actions.  Take the time with your family and be the example of joy and strength needed in these troubling times.  Spend time each day in prayer, more than the usual amount. Pray for all those who are not with their family and especially for leaders, doctors, nurses, first responders, and any who must go out and be a beacon of hope and strength to others.  Be the light in your home and work and know this light will give hope and strength to others to persevere.  Remember Christ’s words, “I am the light of the world.”

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