Know Fear

As the people roamed in the desert, they grumbled against Moses and asked themselves, ‘why did we leave Egypt, a place where we had everything we needed?’  The people seemed to forget they were slaves under the harsh hands of the Egyptians.  The were willing to go back to captivity in order to overcome the fear of the unknown.  Moses sought the wisdom of God and gave the people what they needed to overcome their fear and continue their journey.

The times we are facing now are full of fear.  In order to overcome fear, we must name it, know it, and overcome it.  There are those around us who will add fuel to the fire of the fear we are facing, but we must look for the Truth and when we embrace the Truth, we will overcome the fear.  We have leaders who are making decisions based on information we do not possess and conversations we are not included in.  We look to our leaders, religious and public, to make the best decisions in the face of the fear we are all experiencing and we lean on our Faith knowing we will make it through these times.

Pray for our leaders and the difficult decisions they must make in order to lead us through this valley to the next peak of joy and peace.  Look your fear in the face and let it know that you will overcome and there is nothing capable of stopping you.

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