Disciple or Apostle

I was listening to “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly as I was driving this past week and he made an interesting point. The books was attempting to discuss the facts of Jesus Christ based on authors other than the Sacred Scriptures.  His observation at the beginning of the book was about the difference between a disciple and an apostle.  According to the author, a disciple is one who follows the teachings of Jesus and an apostle is one who follows the teachings and puts them into action.

This point made me stop and think.  Most people use the words disciple and apostle interchangeably.  They do not mean the same thing.  His observation reminded me that we are called to be apostles by virtue of our baptism.  We are directed to learn the teachings of Christ and the Church and pass them along to the world.  We are called to put our Faith into Action!

Lent is a great time to do this.  We are attempting to draw closer to the Lord by giving more of ourselves to Him.  How much more can we give to Him by sharing His teachings with those we encounter?  Lent can be the beginning of a change, not only in ourselves, but for all those around us.  Take some time, pick up a Catechism and learn more of the beauty of our Faith and share it with someone you love.  God bless.

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