The readings today tell the story of making a decision.  Adam and Eve were offered a choice, and they made a decision.  St. Paul tells us we are faced with decisions each moment of our lives.  Jesus is asked to make a decisions after spending 40 days and nights fasting.  The choices we make are based in our history, our current situation, and the desire of the moment.

The choices we make each moment of our lives will have an impact on our future.  The times we decide to seek the will of the Lord will draw us closer to Him and provide us with grace and peace.  The times we choose to be selfish and turn away from Him provide us with a chance to turn back to the Lord and ask His forgiveness.

This time of Lent provides us with additional opportunities to reflect on our behaviour and to draw into a deeper relationship with God.  The Church provides us with additional spiritual activities to grow in grace as an individual and as a community.  Take advantage of these opportunities and challenge yourself and those you love to make decisions to draw into a deeper relationship with the Lord and achieve a deeper level of love and understanding of our neighbor.  God is willing to give us guidance in our decisions, all we need to do is ask.

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