Temple of God

St. Paul reminds us we are a temple of God. This means we are a place for the Lord to dwell and a place for others to come and see Him.  This means we must take the responsibility to keep ourselves in a state where others can see the beauty of God, both externally and internally.  How do we accomplish such a thing?

This is accomplished by being holy.  St. Paul tells us we are holy and this holiness is deepened by not deceiving ourselves.  Christ tells us to ‘become like children’ and St. Paul affirms this statement by reminding us to become wise.  Think about the last time you spent time with a small child.  They are full of questions and at times it seems their favorite question is ‘why?’.  As as adult this can become very frustrating and the breaking point it reached when the response becomes ‘that is the way it is’.

As adults, we must seek to become wise by continually asking ourselves, ‘what else can I do to become closer to the Lord?’  We must seek the answers to the questions, even if we are not sure what the question may be.  The Lord will provide us all we need in order to come closer to Him, and to build the temple for Him to come and dwell in.

As we begin Lent this week, let us each take some time to do some ‘renovation’ of our own temple.  Ask the Lord what He desires from us, seek the wisdom to correct those things we need to correct and strengthen the areas of our lives so we can invite others to the temple of God and they may see Him in each of us.

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