Thank you

Two simple words used too infrequently.  It is so simple to say “thank you” for any act done for us.  Too many times we don’t thank those around us for all they do for us.  I have seen many parents remind their child to say “thank you” when a friend or relative gives them something or does something for them.  As adults, it seems we forget this courtesy more often then we remember it.

How much more does our Lord do for us?  How much do we thank Him each day for the ability to rise and greet a new day?  I make a conscience effort to thank the Lord as the first part of my prayer.  I know there are many times I am asking for the Lord to grant me something, but how much more should I be thanking him without asking.  The multitude of blessing I am graced with each day of my life are beyond measure and I need to remember to thank Him for each and every one of them.  Recommit to thanking the Lord as the first thing we do when we rise and the last thing accomplished before sleep.  We will be blessed for it.

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