Salt & Light

The Gospel today calls us to be salt and light.  What does this mean?  Taking some time to think about the basics of salt and light, it makes a lot of sense.  Have you ever added salt to something?  It changes the flavor of whatever it is added to. Did know know some cultures of history valued salt more than gold?  Salt is necessary for life.

Light has the capability to change things as well.  Light is needed for plants to grow and life to continue on earth.  If a person is having a hard time locating something, they add more light, and the item can usually be found.  The invention of the light bulb allowed for the advancement of society.

If we are called to be salt and light, we are called to make changes.  We are salt when we impact the lives of others and change them, hopefully for the better.  We are light when we share ourselves with others and help them to see the good in the world.  Basically, what the Lord is calling us to do is to change the world.  We start by flavoring the people around us with the joy and grace given to us by the Lord and we shine the Light of Christ, which we received at Baptism, and point the way to being in a deeper relationship with God and those around us.

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