You Yourself

Luke’s Gospel reading today shares with us the story of Jesus’ presentation in the Temple according to the Law of Moses.  Simeon is one of only four people in the Gospels who speaks directly to Mary.  I find this very important because we can follow the example of Mary by listening to those around us and directing them to the Lord, both by word and action.  Simeon blesses the family and tells Mary “…and you yourself a sword will pierce…”.  In my mind, this provides the end result of Mary saying “Yes” to the announcement of Gabriel that she will bear a son.

The acceptance of the Word into our hearts and minds can give us much joy and times to treasure, but the example of Mary shows us that not all times following the Lord are filled with joy.  Mary experienced the great joy of motherhood but also the great tragedy of the execution of her son.  She willingly accepted each of these events, and all those in between, with her heart, mind, and soul seeking the will of the Lord.

There is so much more that could be said about this passage, but the thing we must remember is, it is not always going to times of joy and peace as we follow the Lord.  2019 was a difficult year for me with many transitions and heartaches, but there were also times of joy and peace.  Trusting in the Lord and knowing He is the one in charge gives me the peace of heart and mind, not always in the moment, but in time.  As Mary sought to seek the Lord in all things, so should we.

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