Power of a Name

Today’s reading from Matthew’s Gospel shares the story of the calling of Peter, Andrew, James, and John.  There is a power in the calling of a person by name.  This power redirects the attention of the individual to the one calling their name.  When Jesus called each of these leaders, He redirected them to their new mission for which they would later give their lives.

We are called by name soon after we are born.  This name is repeated and announced to the community during our Baptism.  It is during our Baptism we are welcomed into the family of the Church and are then become more than just an individual.  We become part of a global community seeking the will of our Lord and giving our life to that mission.  Hopefully, we will not be called to die while proclaiming the name of our Lord, but if we are, is the name one we firmly believe in and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to proclaim?

The first leaders of our Church were supremely blessed to be able to walk with Jesus, listen to His words, both those passed down to us in the Scriptures and those He shared only with them.  Let us take the time to read the words passed down to us and know them, so when we are called to share them, we can share the name of Jesus with a heart full of love and respect and direct our Lord’s attention to the one we are speaking to.

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