Increase our Faith

The Gospel from this past weekend from Luke provides an interesting insight to the human condition.  The first sentence has the apostles asking the Lord, “Increase our faith”.  The Lord shares a parable, but the answer is found in the last sentence by the expression, “we have done all we were obligated to do”.

If we do only what we are obligated to do, we will never increase.  Growth occurs by reaching beyond the required.  If one wishes to grow stronger, they must stress the muscles to increase their capabilities.  If one wishes to grow smarter, they must read and study. Why would we think it would be any different with our Faith?  To increase our Faith, we must do more than sit in church once a week and ask the Lord for help.  We must spend quality time in daily prayer, serve others, and seek to go beyond the basics.  Doing more than what is required will lead to an increase in Faith and a deeper love of our Lord and each other.

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