A small section of the readings today reminds us “ask and you shall receive…”.  As I was reflecting on the reading, I was reminded of something my spiritual director from long ago told me, “sometimes God says ‘no'”.  The reading tells us we shall receive each time we ask Him for something, but we need to remember that He is only going to give us what we can handle.  We may ask to win the lotto, or be the best at something, but can we handle it?

It seems we, as the faithful, remind each other in times of hardship or sorrow, that the Lord will never give us anything we can’t handle.  We also need to remember this in the good times.  Can we receive too much of a good thing?  I think it is possible.  The reading reminds us of this.  We ask, and we shall receive, but we must remember that sometimes the answer is ‘no’.

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