Today I was reading 2 Peter 3:15 and was struck by the statement, “Consider that our Lord’s patience is directed toward salvation.”  The depth of that sentence struck me to the core because it reminds me that everything the Lord has given us, and continues to give us, is to aid us on the road to salvation.  He has blessed us with the ability to choose whether or not to follow Him.  His infinite patience in the times we have chosen to not follow Him demonstrates His love for us because we have the ability to choose Him or to reject Him.  Because of our fallen nature, we don’t always make the choice in accordance with His will, but He will always give us the means and ability to return to Him.  He patiently waits for us and upon our return, with the penitent heart, will accept us back, allowing us to continue on the road to salvation.  Salvation is not a guarantee, it is a choice we must make each day as we seek His will in all things.

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