Who and what are the most important things to remember as we move through life?  Today’s reading in the Liturgy of the Hours reminds us to remember those who have shared wisdom and knowledge with us.  We are called to remember the ones who have spoken the word of God to us.  These individuals have taken what they have received and passed it along, just the same as those who have gone before them for thousands of years.  As we accept this wisdom, we are called to ponder it, pray about it, and share it with those we encounter in order to impact their lives and help them to know the Truth and Love found in our Lord.

Please take the time today, and every day, to share what you have received and change a life.  Remember to pray for those who have shared the gift of Faith with you and pray for the courage to pass it along.  You are walking in the steps of many great and humble people as you share what has been given to you.

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