What if…?

Now that the Superbowl is over, no I didn’t watch it, here is something to think about.  I had read something similar in the past, but it is still worth pondering the possibilities.

What if:

  • Prepared for Mass the way they prepared for a football game?
  • Paid attention at Mass the way they watch the game, or the commercials?
  • Were willing to financially support the Church the way they support their team?
  • Paid attention to what they wore to Mass the way they pay attention to what they wear to watch or go to a game?
  • Participated in prayer and celebration for a man willing to give His life for them the way they yell for men running up and down the field of play?

What would you work look like?  How would society be different?  Something to think about.  This is not a rant against football, or any other sport, just a reflection on the priorities in our lives.

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