A Daily Goal

Today’s reading from the Morning Prayer says in part, “Let us, then, make it our aim to work for peace and to strengthen one another.” Romans 14:19.  For some reason this caused me to pause in my prayer and think about how I work for peace and help strengthen the people I encounter each day.  I think part of it can be accomplished by taking the time to listen to a coworker or offer a word of encouragement, to smile at a stranger, and to take the time to tell my family how I feel about them or take care of some small chore in or around the house to help make their lives easier.

We are all busy people and there are days when we seem to barely make it through each day.  I believe if I can do a little something to help another person by at least brighten their day in a small way, then I can fulfill the request from Paul to work for peace and be a source of strength for another.  I pray you are successful in this as well.

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