Worlds Collide

As a Catholic Christian, I am called to live in the world but not subscribe to all the world offers me.  I encounter many people and I strive to do my best to see the best in them and treat them as a child of Christ.  There are many times when the response I receive is not the most positive or affirming.  I encounter people who are genuinely angry, frustrated, or any number of other emotions and seek to strike out at whoever they encounter.  The challenge of engaging them with peace of heart, mind, and voice is the goal I seek to achieve with all those I meet.  I hope my attempts to bring a bit of peace to their hectic world, will at some point, reach their heart and mind and let them know there is something beyond the frustrations of the moment.

The call to spread peace in the world is one which naturally follows after the celebration of Epiphany.  The gift of the Christ child is not one given just during the brief moments of December, but each day of the year.  I pray the peace of the newborn Christ fills the hearts and minds of all every day.

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