Advent to Epiphany

As I was driving home last night, a comment was made on the radio about Epiphany being the fulfillment of Advent.  This made me think about the purpose of Advent and the celebration of the birth of Jesus for the Christmas season.  As I reflected, the purpose of a gift given is to enjoy it and share the joy with those around you.  Since the Christ child was the greatest gift ever given to humanity, it must be shared with others.

An argument can be made that the child was shared with the shepherds when they visited the manger, but the sharing was made complete by the visitation of the three wise men, Gentiles who traveled from afar to come and take part in this amazing event.  This is the fulfillment of the plan of Christ’s presence to the whole world, not just the Hebrew people.  Much more can be said on this, but I need to ask myself, how am I bringing Christ to not only those around me, but to the whole world?

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