Calling out your name

All of creation proclaims the glory of the Lord by doing what it was created to do.  Think about it, the plants grow, the stars shine, the wind moves where it will (areas of high pressure to low, but that is a meteorological discussion left for another time), the rain falls, and all is right in the world.  When a created thing does what it is created for, it is glorifying the Lord.  The only created being which does not glorify the Lord at all times is his greatest creation, the human being.  Yes, there are times when we do, but can I say I glorify Him each and every moment of my life?  Do I do the best I can in all things?  Only by seeking to be the best I can be, will I be able to say I am fulfilling what I was created to be.  Listen to Rich Mullins song “Calling Out Your Name” and reflect:

Yes, I realize this is barely scratching the surface of a deep philosophical point, but it is something I think about, but maybe not often enough.

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