Brick in the Wall

As I was on the elliptical this morning, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” came on.  As I was listening and sweating, it came to me that what he says about us being another brick in the wall is true, but I think not in a way he mean when you think about it.  If Christ is the cornerstone and we are called to build on His firm foundation, then as a brick, we are an integral part of the whole.  Without each of us as a brick in the wall, the wall is not complete.  The next time you walk past a brick wall, imagine some of the bricks are missing.  Is the wall stable?  Can the wall be as strong as it was meant to be?  Each brick relies on the cornerstone to remain standing and support the remaining bricks.  Taking the next step in the progression, God can be viewed as the mortar holding all the bricks together.  Each brick relies on the ones around it, but there is the common bond holding it all together.  Some bricks may not be as strong as others, but each relies on the other to carry out its task.  We are each called to be a brick in the wall, but not just any brick.  We need to be strong, solid, and stable.  We are not alone and we do not carry out our mission alone.  We are supported by others and bonded to each other by the divine mortar which is our Lord.

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